Together we make an impact.


Hello and welcome. Let me introduce me and my company.

a.e.i is a concept design studio focusing in visionary thinking, event organizing, graphics, videos, media production and works related to new media and design, 3D projection mappings, electronic installations, sound design, AR, VR, IOT +++ performing live visuals (VJing).

"Basic stuff. What else?"

a.e.i has organized events from underground technoparties to startup pitching events and as well as from collaborative restaurant day at the mall to Pako Kakolasta downhill skateboarding events for the whole family.

"...and you teach, speak and think the future, right?"

Yes, as an experienced team player and a motivator for many, I have participated in many real live situations (creative thinking) in relation to new media art (f.ex electronics and microcontrollers). As an artist my main field is in interactive artwork & physical computing.

I gained my BA at Turku Polytechnics/ Digital Arts, with Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Electronics, hardware design as my major field of studies.

As a city future developer i consult authorities to implementate new approaches to future research and city development.

I push new wild ideas to life.

"Crazy stuff ...And What the heck is this "VJ Turu Sanoma" then?..."

I do crazy stuff. My expertises are on visualizations as a VJ for various festivals and showreels and for many international known performers and artists. I am a media artist who performs on multiple platforms as I have a strong background on hardware and electronic implementations. Turu Sanoma is a crazy name for a crazy show. Makes sense?

"...and still want to Do more?"

Sure... As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking for new fresh ideas and Start Ups, approaches, jobs, and other creative opportunities. Im a fanatic start up and technology evangelist as well as promoter. I am always ready for a new challenge.

"..and you work with who?"

I have memberships and responsibilities with..

Boost Turku (previous boardmember). Bastu Turku (member). Arte Ry,(member). The X-rust organization (locationmanager). HUB Turku (PR and community representive). Damones (sound designer).

...and have done work for Customers & partners like...

"and tomorrow?"

a.e.i wants to interact in circulation economy, smart housing, industrial internet, value-added services and artificial intelligence. I push forward on Future improvements in my homecity turku.

I also want to meet new interesting and co-operative people to work with so if you have something on your mind just drop me a line or two :)